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SCD tooltip * Service Comp. DateYou can find your SCD on your Earning and Leave Statement. Look under Basic Information. Under the 2nd column of information you will find your SCD.
orgCode tooltip * Organization CodeDo not enter any dashes within your Org Code. You can find your Org Code on your Earning and Leave Statement. If you view your statement online, the Org Code is shown under Basic Information. If you view your paper statement that you receive in the mail, the Org Code is shown on the top left corner.

Welcome to T-SAP 2.0

With the implementation of T-SAP 2.0, access your legacy reports submitted prior to October 3, 2016 by clicking HERE. Your user name and password will remain the same.

The purpose of T-SAP is to foster a voluntary, non-punitive and cooperative environment where employees may report aviation safety events, problems and/or concerns and/or non-compliance with FAA Directives (hereinafter referred to "aviation safety" concerns) observed while acting in their official capacity as an employee, without fear of discipline or Air Traffic Safety Oversight Service (AOV) credentialing action. The components of T-SAP include the collection, analysis, and retention of aviation safety data reviewed and acted upon by ATO, AOV and PASS. This program applies to the collection of documents, personnel, procedures, systems and services that the ATO uses in providing aviation safety services.

All Technical Operations employees in the PASS bargaining unit and non-bargaining unit employees, including managers, can file a T-SAP report. When an employee observes or experiences an aviation safety concern, the employee should document the observation/experience in a T-SAP report.

If you need further assistance, please call the T-SAP Hotline at 1-877-360-6961.

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